Rich Medina on J Dilla’s Fuck the Police December 17, 2012

Rich Medina on J Dilla’s Fuck the Police from Bling47 Breaks, Dilla Edition: Bling47 takes you on a journey into samples used by J Dilla. Filmed, edited and animated and directed by Waajeed.

Why you peepin’ Casablanca? December 10, 2012

Bling47 & J Rocc on the source material for J Dilla’s “Free Your Mind” beat.
PS – There’s no Hiccup beats.

This one right here’s for all the hardcore Dilla heads… December 5, 2012

The latest in Waajeed’s video series Breaks (Dilla Edition) features J. Rocc talking about Dilla’s infamous interludes.

Waajeed on J Dilla’s production for Look of Love June 18, 2012


The Look of Love is one of Slum Villages most well know songs. It’s live intro was recorded by yours truly from my handheld tape recorder at the well respected Alvins in Detroit.

It was about the time we’d just finished recording Fantastic Volume 1 in Dilla’s basement in Conant Gardens. On this unseen footage you can see Dilla in the white hat in the center, Baatin in the white shirt and T3 sitting on the far right. The crowd explodes as the beat drops to this instant cult classic. Truly amazing moments only brought to you by Bling47. Big shout to Que D.

Vintage Slum Village & J Dilla February 14, 2012

While some consider Dilla’s strong suit to be production, others look to his rhyming for inspiration. This early Slum Village track, “Tell Me What You Want” is a fine example of his ill penmanship. It was one of the first efforts as Baatin, T3 and Dilla came out of the Senepod crew name and became Slum Village. At the time Dilla didn’t even have a drum machine, so this beat was actually made using the “pause and record” tape method. It was never released. Courtesy of Bling47